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enter into the special world of RV travel. For those of us who have a budget and yet have our hearts set on the silver bullet campers, buying used is the way to go.

Your next question should be, do you want to buy privately, through a dealership or purchase an Airstream for sale on eBay? You should look at buying from eBay as a huge advantage. I will set this example as if you were buying a home (which you really are). You of course do not

want to overpay for your Airstream trailer.

The biggest advantage to eBay is that everything sells for actual market value. The market sets the price because usually they are up for auction. When you buy from a seller with a feedback rating over 93% then you can be well assured that they are not trying to scam you or misrepresent what they are selling because it would hurt there feedback rating and in reality hurt their future sales.

Therefore we always suggest eBay as a great place to get a great deal on Airstream campers. One thing is for sure, if you are set on buying used, with a quality item such as an Airstream travel trailer and the availability of parts and support, you will not be disappointed on the choice you have made.

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