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Airstream Curtains

In this episode of Classic Rides, host Kevin Tetz continues with the interiors of the 1970 Airstream Overland Yacht Trailer he is restoring. Today, he is working on the window treatments. The old window treatments were stained, hard to open and badly in need of a fresh look.

Arlene Fowler of Fowler Interiors helps Kevin out. Arlene has had a lot of experience in working on the interiors of Airstream trailers. Arlene has decided that for this trailer, she wants to change the drapery tracks.

The original tracks are old and inefficient. She replaces the track with a new system that is more efficient and therefore easier to use. The new system uses a plastic glide that is sewn on to the drapery.

The new window treatment that Arlene used covers the entire window area, not just the sides. Her choice of fabric for the curtains also uplifts the mood of the entire trailer, as it is a very dramatic striped design. She used horizontal stripes that make the entire trailer look wider than it really is.

She also wanted to change the old plastic blinds in the living area, replacing them with the same micro blinds made from aluminum that were used in the bedroom. She also suggests cutting the wands of the blinds down because they are too long for the Airstream. Kevin also installed hold-down brackets on the walls to keep the blinds in place even when the trailer is moving.

Kevin shows us how he installed the curtains, starting with riveting the bottom curtain brackets and rail into place. He then installs the top brackets and rail. Then he slides the curtains into top and bottom rails. He makes sure there is good tension on the curtains. He also attaches snap fittings to the wall, to keep the curtains secure while the trailer is moving.

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